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Manmeet Kalra a.k.a Coach Mans has been involved in Coaching, Career Strategist, Training and Leadership Consultant who has worked with individuals, executives, and team management. With a goal to nurture, improve productivity and performance of talent. A trained PSMB trainer and Associate Certified Coach by ICF (ACC).

Manmeet moved on from his career in IT for 20 years in order to be true to his values and discovery, Coaching, learning, and leadership. He found his passion in helping young managers, those who are ambitious in their careers bringing out the best in their potential.

As a coach and Trainer, Manmeet is known for being authentic, positive, inspiring, challenging, and is very present with a warm style of interacting with his audiences and clients. Manmeet aligns the mind and hears to build trust. The vase experience and life-threatening experience (Lost in the jungle, London Bombing attack victim, and Civil war outbreak in Nigeria) have taught Manmeet how to deal with difficult situations.

Manmeet's focus is to work with young leaders that are new to management to help grow /nurture and guide them to becoming successful leaders in an organization. In his career, he has seen how young managers struggle to make ends meet, delegate or even gain respect from their downlines that have driven Manmeet to go on that path of coaching them.

Manmeet has accumulated more than 300 hours Coaching individuals as a Career Strategist using my Fast Track your Career Growth Method

  • Looking for a new job. by working on their Resume, Interview, and Elevator pitch.
  • Looking for a career change - Use Manmeet Meet 5 Steps to achieve your goals.
  • Looking to move up in their career path - Use Manmeet Meet 5 Steps to achieve your goals.

Having an 85% rate of success in getting people jobs after they were retrenched will be great “aha” moments. He has trained more than 200 people of all ages and nationalities in the ASEAN region such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Rank from between C- levels, Directors, mid-level managers. Coach Mans understands various cultures since he has lived in Thailand for 10 years, the UK for 2.5 years, and Malaysia.

Language: Fluent in English, Thai, Punjabi, Hindi, and Malay.

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