Global Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The Glasgow Caledonian University (GSU) MBA programme is designed around the commitment to the Common Good and the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). This distinctive MBA programme is delivered through the state-of-the-art IEG Campus in Kuala Lumpur, is designed for enterprising and socially-minded individuals with aspirations to become professional managers with an instinct for creating sustainable businesses in a socially responsible manner.

GCU and IEG attracts outstanding graduates, from all over the world, and offers an unrivalled student experience and international employability. This practical and applied programme provides insight into the everyday challenges confronting managers within a range of business and third-sector organisations across the globe. We emphasise the role, contribution and integration of the key business functions to enhance your ability to design and deliver effective organisation-wide strategies.

Dynamic and challenging, the MBA requires energetic participation. Like you, your peers will be ambitious, highly motivated and determined to succeed. We look forward to welcoming you onto the programme and into our global alumni network of socially responsible leaders.

GCU is delighted to work alongside colleagues at IEG, who possess over 20 years experience of in providing accredited and non-accredited programmes at their state-of-the-art campus in Kuala Lumpur.

Mode of study

The programme is delivered on a part-time, blended learning basis with classes held at IEG campus, Malaysia.


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1 Creating Organisational Value

Develop a critical appreciation of organisational value, how it is achieved and the factors that contribute to it. Focus on the concept of creating value in organisations, from perspectives of both customer value and organisational value.

2 Corporate Citizenship in a Global Age

Gain essential knowledge for prospective leaders of global businesses across the economy, law and politics that are necessary for successfully operating internationally. Provides knowledge of underpinning beliefs and values that have shaped capitalism and the world economy across the last decades and that have led to the creation of the current international, political-economic ruling regimes.

3 Strategic Management

Explore the process of formulating and implementing strategy for a range of organisational forms and build on your practical experiences to synthesise practice and theory. The context, constraints, and environmental issues are examined to provide an understanding of the nature and boundaries of the construction and development of strategies and strategic management.

4 Responsible Leadership

Develop mastery of personal and interpersonal effectiveness to: support personal career development; enhance organisational performance; and, contribute meaningfully to society by examining the tensions between personal and professional leadership identity and the pressures of organisational management across various employment sectors.

5 Operations Management and Analytics for Management Decision-Making

Provides an understanding of how to manage operations sustainably across a range of sectoral contexts. Focus on the tools and techniques to effectively manage business operations, taking account of internal and external pressures and examines the use of data in organisational decision-making.

6 Methods for Evidence Based Projects

Introduces you to research approaches and time management skills essential for your research project. The module provides essential knowledge of research design across key areas and adopts a critical perspective in comparing and contrasting alternative research models.

7 Managing People in Global Organisations

Globalisation has brought into focus the role played by the skilled workforce in terms of maintaining competitive advantage in the sector, however, it also raises significant organisational, management and ethical challenges. The aim of the module is to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, strategies and practices for managing people in a global business environment.

8 Business Continuity and Crisis Management

The module will examine business continuity management (BCM) and crisis management in the context of a wider risk management strategy. Using the BCM lifecycle will demonstrate how to undertake an analysis of the business environment, prepare analytical frameworks, implement BCM system and ensure that a process of regular monitoring, testing and exercising takes

place. The importance of embedding BCM in organisational culture is discussed as a key element of this entire process. This module also examines the implementation of crisis management and communication strategies before and after a crisis event in order to mitigate or soften its impact.

9 MBA Project

The final element of the programme is the MBA Project, which provides you with an opportunity to design and undertake a piece of original research which involves an investigation of a substantial management issue or problem.


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