Master of Law Enforcement ODL


The Master of Law Enforcement ODL programme is ideal for law enforcement professionals in command positions, mid-career professionals advancing to leadership roles, as well as late career professionals looking to expand their second career opportunities. It can help accelerate your career as a forensic investigator, private detective, loss prevention agent, detective sergeant, financial investigator or a business professional who needs to understand enforcement on a more specialised scope.

The Saito Advantage

Unlike a traditional postgraduate degree, our Master of Law Enforcement (MLE) programme is personalised to suit your career goals. Our syllabus covers theoretical and practical insights on an organisational scope for a holistic approach to applying law enforcement principles in practice. Learn the right approaches and tools for trade to tackling real case studies with specialised experts in the field. 

100% Industry Focus

Learn from a faculty with a wide range of industry experience in specialised backgrounds of law enforcement fields, and benefit from continuous learning experience through practical assessments and modules that are conveniently delivered online.

Fully Flexible

Set your pace and plan the timeline of your studies around your schedule with flexible learning options for you to choose from to manage the completion of your course.

  • Face-to-face classes (F2F)
  • Open Distance Learning (ODL)



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1 Core Module: Critical Issues in Law Enforcement

There are many threats affecting law enforcement organisations and their administrations today. This module will investigate and address these threats and their impact on the community. It will also address the various stakeholder and agency initiatives to resolve challenges.

2 Core Module: Criminal Justice

Get familiar with the concepts surrounding justice reform - a prominent topic among police officers, prosecutors, defence attorneys, judicial officers, probation officers, and community and institutional correctional staff.

3 Core Module: Research Methodology

Learn efficient research methods in specialised fields of law enforcement as well as the principles and practises of research, which will aid in writing research proposals similar projects of similar nature.

4 Core Module: Decision Making with Accountability

Harness sound reasoning, critical thinking, and rigorous analysis to improve your decision-making and make actual business decisions in an interactive simulation to reinforce your learning. Learn how to adopt accountability for efficiency at every set of your organisation.

5 Core Module: Ethics and Governance

Examine the principles and methods in the ethics of enforcing governance on an institutional and national level in Malaysia, and how other Asian countries’ viewpoints and reflections influence ethics and governance.

6 Core Module: Risk Management in Policing

The Risk Management module is designed to aid or equip Senior Management with knowledge over risk appetite, risk acceptance, and strategic risk absorption, as well as organisational risk matrix models.

7 Core Module: Intelligence-led Policing

This module covers security and business intelligence, and the element of intelligence built in to business modeling. Understand the use of intelligence reports in policy making to add value to policy making, and continuous security and governance monitoring.

8 Core Module: Capstone

The subject for the written research paper that aims to fill the gap in research or investigate a problem on a particular matter and prove facts either in a quantitative, qualitative, or a mix-mode methodology.

9 Electives Modules (Select Any 2 Electives)

Cyber Crime

An introduction to cybercrime prevention, detection, and incident management methods as well as cybercrime governance activities. The training also covers advanced digital investigation techniques for machines, systems, and networks.


This curriculum introduces the Malaysian Criminal Justice System (MCJS), its components, and the court’s role in the system. It explains the court structure, criminal trial procedures, penalty, and sentencing alongside the roles of law enforcement authorities, primarily the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

Advanced Criminalistics

This course introduces students to research methods. It teaches them how to perform social science research in a specific field of law enforcement resulting in a solid grasp of the principles and practicalities of research, which they will use to write a research proposal for an actual project.

Transnational Crime

Get familiar with law enforcement ethics and governance, with a focus on the function of law enforcement in society and social issues. Learn to grasp the principles of governance and ethics in roles, responsibilities, and practises in a national context.

Strategic Innovation

Accustom to creating unique value for customers by producing exceptional products that meets their demands through the foundations of successful innovation strategies. Foster effective integrated ecosystems that is vital in today’s interdependent world between organisations to maximise their odds of innovation success.

Crime Prevention Through Environment Design Management (CPTEDM)

Learn how to properly prevent crime with a variety of solutions including design, community activity, and law enforcement, while also understanding how planners, architects, and developers can help improve community safety by influencing the built environment.

Loss Prevention

Become familiar with similarities and differences between policing and loss prevention and how they work together in our society especially with understanding threat identification, loss prevention management, security technology and security solutions design and applications. 


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